WEB GUY Ned Buratovich offers different website design options in this photo where he has four hands holding laptop, tablet and smartphone


Ned wearing his WEB GUY T-shirt

Hi, I’m Ned Buratovich, owner of imagiNed Web Design. As a one-man business, I pretty much have to do it all: web design, graphics, content writing, social media and advertising campaigns, e-commerce integration, search optimization, print brochures, business cards, photography and more. That would be a lot to fit on a T-shirt, or even a business card, so I shortened my job title to just WEB GUY.

My clients are typically small to medium business owners who need some subset of my services and appreciate working together in close creative collaboration. Many clients have relied on me for years to deliver professional quality results in a timely fashion and at a competitive price point.

This website showcases my portfolio for prospective and new clients. However most of my business comes from repeat clients and word-of-mouth referrals. Consequently I am often booked up for months in advance.

That’s the case at this time, where I’m completely booked through June 2018, so I am unable to accept new clients until July 2018.