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Note: These testimonials are good, but years old.They will be replaced with updated testimonials as part of this website’s renovation set for Fall 2016.

Ned at imagiNed Web Design has been very instrumental as webmaster for our business at Motorcycle Road Tours. We’re very happy with his input and expertise. It is not only attractive but gives a genuine appeal for our motorcycle touring business. Our past customers commented that they chose our tour after viewing our website and felt our tour business was able to give them a fun, quality tour based on the look and feel of the website. They were not disappointed, and we give in part our success to Ned’s creative insight and abilities to help attract our customers. We’re very happy with Ned’s expertise in his field of web design and styling knowledge. Keep up the good work Ned!!

Vicky and Pat Saracino – MotorcycleRoadTours.com

Challenge:  Design of a website that described, week by week, the four month development of a play in Europe and that could be managed by someone whose comfort level was one window open at a time, and who only worked with text.

Solution:  imagiNed Web Design designed a website that: 1) used sophisticated graphics to advertise the theater and the production, 2) invited viewers to follow development of the play in English or in Catalan with a couple of clicks of their mouse,  3) was built around a flexible design that accommodated artistic changes and surprises, and 4) could be managed by a PC novice 5,000 miles from home.  In addition, how the website was designed gave me confidence, and I’m editing photos and videos, working with multiple windows, juggling flash drives, configuring printers and so on all the time now.

Linda C. – Documentary Producer

What can I say about my ace web designer Ned!? Plenty — and then some!! Ned will always give you his absolute best, every single time! He’s insightful, intelligent and most observant of your needs and Ned will brainstorm with you at every level. Because of his expertise, he will build you the finest and most informative website you could imagine. He’s so easy to work with because he “gets” me. I realized this right away after moving away from my second web designer who tried, but couldn’t make the magic happen that I so very much needed.

Thanks to Ned, my world of great possibilities continues to evolve in ways I couldn’t have otherwise imagined.  I’d not be realizing my success as I do because I have a partner in Ned, one who constantly goes the extra mile for me — as he will for you too! Thank you Brother Ned! I’m honored to have a friend in you. Do you want to win at what you do? Do you want to be the first to cross the line as a winner? You need not look any further! Ned truly knows what it means to COMMIT-TO-BELIEVE to facilitate your dream to become the reality that you desire!!

Kevin “James” Richardson – Motivational Author

When I was in need of a stylish website, customized with attention-grabbing content as well as a secure payment capability, Ned expeditiously provided it for me.

Ned did a careful job of soliciting my precise requirements whilst facilitating my desire to be able to simply update the site with fresh content.

Thank you Ned for a very high quality result, delivered on-time, within budget and an excellent conversion rate.

– with gratitude R. M. – Consultant/Trainer

A friend suggested we contact imagiNed Web Design about designing an apartment rental ad which people scanning apartment rental ads on Craigslist will notice and stop to read.  And Ned did it!  The managers of the apartment complex say that when people call or look at an apartment they almost always say something like “I really like your ad.” or “Your ad looks honest and real.” or “The video and slideshow and questions and answers gave us a lot of info.” or “Your ad made us want to come look at the apartment.”

L. Carson – Apartment Complex Owner

Note: These testimonials are good, but several years old.They will be replaced with recent testimonials (some on video) as part of this website’s renovation set for Fall 2016.