Eyecatching Craigslist Ad for Face Painting

Craigslist ads are glorified classified ads, pretty much plain text, maybe some images, seldom any thought given to layout. It’s also somewhat difficult to do layout, you are very restricted as to what HTML is allowed, no CSS and don’t even think about JavaScript. Not only that, but the dramatic combination of white text on a black background is outlawed, they force the text to be black.

So when my friend, Catherine, needed a show-stopper ad for her face painting business, it took a far bit of work to pull it off. But just look at the result: Fantastic Face Painting Ad on Craigslist.

The ad URL changes each week (as the ad gets re-posted every seven days), so here’s a screen grab. I think it’s an attention grabber too. [Note: ads ran productively for two years, not running currently.]

Of course, it’s really helpful to have very colorful source photographs to work with.

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