Professional Web Design with Personal Attention to Detail

Ned Buratovich wearing WEB GUY T-shirt


Hi, I’m Ned Buratovich and imagiNed Web Design is my web design services and consulting company. My business offers a range of services from building basic “brochure” websites all the way to fully interactive e-commerce sites for online retailing. I do article and copy writing,  create colorful advertising and administer PPC and other online  marketing campaigns.

Pride of workmanship permeates every job I do. My savvy clients give me business because I produce professional quality results that accommodate their needs, schedules and budgets… and because we enjoy working together in creative synergy.

I view the creative process  to be a collaboration,  so when we develop your project, expect a high degree of personal interaction, especially in the specification stages. I take extra time to understand what it is you want, so we can transform your vision into a well crafted reality. I make sure you understand the cost/benefit aspects of various designs and technologies so you can make informed decisions about the options available to you.

Your Designer =  Software Engineer + Presentation Expert

My career as a software engineer spanned three decades. Though my first keyboard was an ASR-33 Teletype (pictured to the left), I wouldn’t want you to think of me as “old-school” I’d simply want you to think of me as a “seasoned software professional.”

I wrote software and did engineering both as an independent consultant and as an employee for several small businesses and a few large corporations. The last ten years of my corporate career were with Apple Computer where I held a variety of positions.

My next career had me designing technical trainings, teaching and speaking in public. As a professional speaker, I gave some good motivational talks and even took a stab at stand-up comedy (but didn’t draw blood). Nevertheless, all that time on the platform taught me how to present an idea to an audience with clarity and impact.

I bring a nice mix of technical expertise and communication skill to apply to your project, whether it’s a website, copy-written article or internet marketing campaign. With imagiNed Web Design, you get the best of both substance and style.