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Pride of workmanship permeates every job I do. My savvy clients give me business because I produce professional quality results that accommodate their needs, schedules and budgets… and because we enjoy working together in creative collaboration.
Ned Buratovich

Ned Buratovich - Web Designer


When you need a creative, affordable web professional … Call Ned

Who Am I?

My name is Ned Buratovich. I am a web designer, writer and all around online consultant. I enjoyed a 25 year career as a software engineer, followed by 10 years as a professional presenter. For the last six years, I’ve operated imagiNed Web Design, my one-person online marketing and web development company.

Who Are You?

You are a businessperson with a small to medium business, or a creative entrepreneur with ideas, products or a service to sell. You might need your first website and are not sure how to go about it. Or you know exactly what you want, are fairly web savvy and may already have a site that requires renovation. In any case, you have a budget and a goal in mind and would like to work with a competent, affordable professional.

What Can We Do Together?

We can boost your business. We can share your message or promote your service to a wider audience. We can build websites, from the simply serviceable to the simply fabulous. We can create marketing campaigns that bring you clients, customers, fans or fame.

No matter how you look at it, this website is being rebuilt right before your eyes

Over the months of July and August, this imagiNed Web Design website is being rebuilt from the ground up – page by page, post by post, image by image – to be a faster, easier to navigate, better organized portfolio showcase and most importantly, to be a “responsive design,” meaning that this new site will automatically adjust itself to your viewing platform, be that a tablet (iPad), smartphone, netbook, laptop or huge desktop display. This website renovation is taking a wee bit longer than I had hoped. Please be patient – lot’s of cool stuff is coming here soon.